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“Prairie Oasis”    30” x 36”    Oil on Linen

 Ken Fergeson and NBC Oklahoma, with branches in Altus, Enid, Kingfisher, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, continue a history of support of the arts with the 13th commissioned painting in NBC’s Oklahoma Artist Series.

 I am so proud to have been selected for this commission and great honor.

 “I personally feel like the American west was explored by the frontiersmen and the cowboys but it was not really settled until the women and children came along.  It was for the families that homes were established and farms and ranches were carved out of the wild prairies.  These pioneers came with a love for the land, a great sense of adventure and a willingness to adapt to the conditions of Oklahoma.  This is what I call the “softer side of the west.”  In “Prairie Oasis” I am telling the story of my own ancestors who settled in Oklahoma but it is a common story in the history of our great country.”

 “A spring or clean river was a precious commodity to the settlers.  It was the life blood without which establishing a farm or ranch would not be possible.  In “Prairie Oasis” a pioneer family has come across still, sweet water to replenish their supply and quench the thirst of their livestock as well as providing a little recreation for the children.  Perhaps they stay near this water source and settle; perhaps they continue on their way.  Whatever the future holds, this is a moment to enjoy.